In case you missed our previous announcements, in early 2019, English Country Flowers and The Florist at Decker's Nursery decided to join forces and have recently opened a new retail location in the town of Oyster Bay


If you've known George & Cindy Mudford for any amount of time, it's likely that you've heard them share their dream of retiring to a quiet little home together in Maine. In late 2018 they decided that time had finally come and, as a result, made plans to close English Country Flowers for good.

As luck would have it, a long time customer heard of their decision and immediately thought of Conrad Decker, the owner of Decker's Nursery & Florist. Knowing first hand how Decker's Nursery has grown in recent years and the amazing community that supports English Country Flowers - as well as the quality of work that both organizations feel so strongly about - he believed there was a chance for the two to do something special together so he made an introduction.

After some great conversations, everyone agreed that there was an opportunity to continue the legacy that George & Cindy had built in Oyster Bay while also helping to expand the footprint of Decker's Nursery and allowing the combined efforts to spread the Decker's Nursery mission: "To inspire people to connect with the natural world by enhancing their surroundings"


George & Cindy have since happily retired and after a couple months of managing the English Country Flowers operations from the Decker's Nursery & Florist location in Greenlawn, we've recently re-opened in a new location in Oyster Bay.

The new location is an expansion of the amazing floral team at The Florist at Decker's Nursery but will operate in the Oyster Bay area under the name that has been a local staple for so long - English Country Flowers. We will offer a much larger selection of indoor plants than you’ll find at most florists and we're providing a great selection of pottery to compliment all of them. So, if you find yourself in Oyster Bay, please stop in at 103 South Street to say hello.

We also invite all of our Oyster Bay customers to come visit Decker’s Nursery at 841 Pulaski Road in Greenlawn! Come be inspired and see what having 2 great locations allows us to offer you.


Right now, we're very focused on getting situated in our new location in Oyster Bay. There's a lot that we have to do but we're excited to be here every day. Not much else will change. We'll continue to operate over the coming months as English Country Flowers, though you'll certainly start to see more of the Decker's Nursery and The Florist at Decker's Nursery brands.

Over time, as we gain the trust of the community, we'll look to transition the name and make it more "official" but for now we just want to continue to provide the highest quality floral arrangements that you've come to expect from The Florist at Decker's Nursery and English Country Flowers.


Absolutely! The Florist at Decker's Nursery has recently launched a new and improved website that is capable of handling all of your online shopping needs. You can access it any time at via your computer or smartphone. We continue to update it regularly with new pre-designed arrangements to accommodate any occasion.

Of course, you can always call us any time if you need something specific or would just prefer to speak to someone on the phone. Our phone number hasn't changed so you can reach us at (516) 624-9870.


Great question! As we continue to bring the two organizations together, we're going to start to merge all of our communication channels. That includes social media, email newsletters, websites, etc. The best way to stay in the loop is going to be to follow us on social media, subscribe to our email newsletter or become a member of the Frequent Flower Club at Decker's Nursery. Be sure to check out all of the perks that go along with that, we think you'll like it. Additionally, for now, this website will continue to stay in place mainly to let everyone know what's going on but you can always visit us online at:

Decker's Nursery:

The Florist at Decker's Nursery:


It's important to all of us at Decker's Nursery, as well as English Country Flowers, that you know none of this would be possible without you, our amazing customers! Both of our organizations have always put an emphasis on providing superior customer service and we know that everything we do on a daily basis is to help make your lives better. Without you, we wouldn't be here. So, a huge thank you goes out to all of you from the bottom of our hearts! We look forward to continuing to be your local nursery and florist and serving you for years to come.